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Handmade Bassinet | Classic Moses basket | Jolly jumper moses basket | Ghana baby Basket | African Bassinet

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Moses baskets are handmade with safe ingredients. They are made by local craftsmen in Ghana out of natural elephant grass, hand dyed with natural dyes. Some handles are wrapped with leather for durability. They baskets are shipped from Ghana


The shipping takes time, about two to three weeks. Please, order in advance as sometimes the basket may take a while to arrive

Reshaping and Care Instruction: Laundry baskets can arrive misshapen through the shipping process, the best way to remedy this is to run it under water shape and leave it to air dry. In addition, the baskets may have extra straws sticking out, please trim with scissors.


Length 28 - 30 inches Height 8-11 inches Width 15 -16 inches *Variations of size is possible because each basket is handmade


Stands can be found in baby store or on amazon Mattress: Firm foam mattress that can fit the dimension of the basket is recommended Uses: Bassinets, storage and Decoration


Baby shower, Infant baby, mothers, pregnant women gift

Safety Recommendation:

*The baskets are recommended for babies from birth to when they reach 9kg/15 lb and or when a baby is grown up

*It is recommended to place the handles of the basket in an outward position when the baby is inside.

*Do not move or carry the basket with your baby inside

*Do not attach toys or place toys with strings or cords in or around the basket to avoid strangulation or choking

*Do not allow pets or other children to climb into the basket while your baby is inside

*Avoid the use of plastic bags inside the basket

*Do not leave infant unattended

*Keep basket away from all heaters, fires/ flames or stoves

*Fireplaces, campfires, open windows, water (running or standing), stairs, window blinds and any other hazards which can cause injury

*Do not use the basket if it is damaged or broken